Meet the cast: Bianca Mikahn of ‘How I Got Over’

Meet the Cast Bianca Mikahn. Off-Center. How I Got Over,
Bianca Mikahn is shown at Off-Center’s season-opening launch party in September, where audiences got a first taste of “How I Got Over: Journeys in Verse” – five celebrated slam poets weaving an interconnected story about womanhood, self-discovery and adversity. Mikahn is the director of the piece. She also appears in the live performance via simulcast because she gave birth on Sunday. Photo by John Moore for the DCPA NewsCenter.

How I Got Over: Journeys in Verse

How I Got Over: Journeys in Verse

  • Hometown: Denver
  • Fun fact about you: I am birthing this show and my first child at the same time! (Note: Bianca gave birth on Sunday, March 20.)
  • A favorite quote: One of my favorite lines is actually from Suzi Q. Smith: “if you’re scared, you should be.”
  • Why is the voice of the female poet important in today’s society? Poetry, especially spoken word, is such an outlet for humanization, connection and growth. This is a phenomenal vehicle for us to speak untold truths, identify our counterparts, and potentially reach and affect those who may not offer us much margin in society. A Meet the Cast Bianca Mikahn quote

Suzi Q. Smith: Opening doors that had been slammed shut

  • How does it feel to perform your own writing in front of a live audience? Performing is a lovely double-edged sword. I feel called to speak out, use and share my voice, and exchange with my community. I also feel sensitive, curious and exposed. Overall, there is nothing like knowing you’ve spoken a personal truth and experienced it’s reasonation in the mind of another.
  • What do you hope audiences take away from How I Got Over … ? First, I really hope anyone who gets to experience this show sees themselves in the words and themes. Often when we come from a varying viewpoint, it’s easy to write sentiments off as “other” when really everything in this show is on some level truly universal. Second, I hope people are more inclined to explore the experimental aspects of this style of show. Poets can do theatre. There is room for intersectionality here.
  • How would you encourage people to see this show? There has never been anything like this show in Denver, from the cast to the styling to the subject matter. Anyone attending will truly be a part of history.
  • What was your favorite part of developing this show? I am completely smitten by my castmates and having the joy of directing their genius with Suzi Q’s support. This has been deeply invigorating. This process has run most of the length of my current pregnancy and to be growing a baby girl while working with this cast makes me enthralled with all the power that is woman.
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